Thursday, October 23, 2008

Are not Sourashtras a Linguistic Minority in Tamil Nadu?

Extract from
BHASHA SAGAR – JULY 2008 – This is a ‘chamaasi’ [six monthly] journal published by
Sri Suresh A.Keswani, Ex-MP (RS) & CLM [Commissioner for Linguistic Minorities].
This is Bi-Yearly House Magazine for circulation among Central/State Govts./Panchayats Offices in all districts. [Not for Sale]
Dr.S.Shiva Kumar, Asst.Commissioner for Linguistic Minorities, Southern Zone, Chennai has written an article
“An Overview”Tamil Nadu:
“Tamil is the official language of the State. Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Urdu, Hindi and Gujarati have been declared as the minority languages in the State.
The Govt. has recognized these languages and provided facilities for learning in these languages. Three language formula s are not followed in the State. However, the provision for learning in the minority languages at primary/secondary stage can be traced back to the erstwhile composite state of Madras Presidency. Recently, this provision has been given a jolt by an Act of the Government of Tamil Nadu, making learning of Tamil compulsory.
The CLM visited Chennai from 24-25 March, 2008 and participated in various functions.
On the 24th March, 2008 he held a press conference at Chennai PIB and stressed the importance of growth of linguistic minorities in the country, sidelining of whom would hit the growth. He pointed out that the opportunity to grow had been lost because of the lack of access to primary education in their mother tongue. He stated that Tamil Nadu, as a state is an example for its ability to nurture talent and to preserve culture, religion and tradition. He also stressed the state to meet the demand of Kannada and Telugu speakers for primary education in their mother tongue. On 25th March, 2008 he inaugurated a seminar of Tamil Nadu Urdu Schools Educational Awareness. The worshipful Mayor of Chennai and his Highness of the Prince of Arcot were also present during the occasion. The CLM stressed the need for learning in mother-tongue and said the languages such as Urdu should not be neglected which have a rich cultural repertory. The speakers largely demanded for amendment to the Tamil learning Act to enable the linguistic minorities to learn in their mother tongue and Tamil as an optional language.”

You can find that SOURASHTRA language is not a Minority language in the State. Only Gujarati is stated as the language declared as the minority language in the State.

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