Monday, October 19, 2009

Sourashtra Script propagation through Vans

In Madurai some six vans are plying carrying the banner of Sourashtra Script Alphabets chart so that people will come to know the existence of Script for Sourashtra Language spoken in Tamil Nadu.

You can view the photos of the vans by clicking the following link

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Parivarthit Devanagari Script !

A group of people wanted to use Devanagari Script for Sourashtra Language.
But the symbols are not available for the peculiar sounds in Sourashtra Language.
So they approached Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore and evolved
The Parivarthit Devanagari Script [modified form of Devanagari Script].
But while apprising the CIIL authorities, they have not informed properly the peculiar sounds available in Sourashtra Language, with the result the newly evolved Parivarthit Devanagari Script is still deficient of two symbols viz. half yakaram and nasal marker.
Sourashtra Language has got its own script. Printed books in Sourashtra script are available from 1880.
Unaware of these things, the Devanagari group conducted a meeting of Script proclamation on 8.8.2009
at Uthamapandiankulam, Palayamkottai where in it was stated that the Language will be made a written language (!) with the use of Parivarthit Devanagari Script.
When already hundreds of books are available in Sourashtra language, it is ridiculous to say that all along this language remained as a spoken language.
It is to be pointed out here that the World famous Great Works ‘Srimad Bhagavath Githa’ and ‘Tirukkural’ have been translated into Sourashtra Language.
Sahitya Akademi has honoured two Sourashtram Scholars Sri K.R.Sethuraman and Sri Thada Subramanyam, with BhaaShaa Samman awards.
It is to be seen when they are going to bring out the Primers etc. for Sourashtra language.
It is to be noted that from 1920 onwards attempts were made to adopt Devanagari Script for Sourashtra language; but till today, it could not be succeeded.

2nd issue of Vishwa Sourashtram.

The Second issue of Vishwa Sourashtram, Electronic Journal in Sourashtra Language has been released on 16th September, 2009.
Please visit to read the journal.
In this issue International Mother Language Day Seminar held in February 2009 at New Delhi by the Commissioner for Linguistic Minorities is highlighted.

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