Saturday, November 6, 2010

Short story in Sourashtram.

An attempt is made to provide a short story book in Sourashtra language in its own script. One Marathi short story was selected and Sri V.K.Krishnamoorthy has translated it into Sourashtram in its own script. It is perused by me and necessary editing was also done by me. Both will sit together and go through the translation once again and afterwards, the printing of that book will be taken up.

Vishwa Sourashtram - Notice to Readers.

Vishwa Sourashtram

is the first Electronic Journal in Sourashtram. The Corporate (Issuing) Body is
Mr. O.S.Subramanian. The Publisher was Mr.M.S.Suresh Kumar. It is a quarterly journal.
Vol. 1 contained 4 Nos. The first issue was released on 28.05.2009. The second on 16.09.2009, the third on 31.12.2009 and the 4th one on 14.01.2010. Afterwards no issue was released. And no print version of Vol.1 containing Nos. 1 to 4 was not printed and released.
Its ISSN No. 0974-9926. Its print version No. 0975-959X.
Unfortunately, the publisher could not concentrate in publishing the journal. Since web site is managed by the Publisher,
the Corporate (Issuing)Body could not do anything to release further issues.

Some alternate arrangement will be made and the release of further issues will be announced later.

Corporate (Issuing) Body,
Vishwa Sourashtram,
ISSN 0974-9926
Madurai, 7th November, 2010.

Sourashtra Class Room