Friday, January 30, 2009

web site in Sourashtra Script.

A new web site

has been opened to read messages etc. in SOURASHTRA SCRIPT.

Those who would like to practice Sourashtra Script can visit the site and register.

Ashort Sourashtra Film "CHEDUV"

A short sourashtra film under the title 'CHEDUV' is produced by Neelamegam Sri N.K.Srinivasan [an ordinary person]. The film was shown to public on 28.1.2009 at Gita Natana Gopala Nayaki Mandir, Madurai and the CD thereof was released by Sri S.V.S.Shivnath and the First C.D. was received by Smt. Radha Parasuram [of RISHI, Madurai].

You can view the photos by visiting the following site.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Felicitation to Sri T.G.Ayyan & Sri P.R.Govindasamy

A felicitation function was held on 18.1.2009 at Haritha Mahal, Kumbakonam
to honour the Veterans Sri T.G.Ayyan & Sri P.R.Govindasamy.
The photos taken on this occasion can be perused by visiting the following site.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sriman Natana Gopala Nayaki Jeyanthi -2nd & 3rd day

On 7th January 2009
First kaccheri by
Dr.V.L.Ganesh M.B.B.S. – Vocal
Sri P.R.Kumar – Vocal
Sri Kubendran – Key Board
Sri B.K.Sudarsan – Mirudhangam
Second kaccheri by
Ms.M.M.Shyamala Valli – vocal
Sri K.R.Kuppuswami – violin
Sri M.Ramesh – Mirudhangam

On 8th January 2009
A Patti Mandapam was held under the presidentship of K.G.Narayanan.
Dr.D.K.Subramanian was the Judge.
The Subject of debate was What is more found in the songs of Sriman
Natana Gopala Nayaki Swamin – Whether Literary flavor or Bhakti flavor [in Tamil Ilakkiya suvai or Bhakti suvai]
On the side of Ilakkiya Suvai
Dr.Chitra Murthy and Dr.J.R.Vijayalakshmi MBBS, M.D. argued
On the side of Bhakthi suvai
Smt. S.P.Geetha Bharathi, M.A.
Smt. Santha Sankari M.A. argued.
The Judge gave the verdict that Bhakti flavor only excelled in Nayaki Songs.
He quoted the term that though a ring is made of Gold, because it is studded with a Diamond, it is called a DIAMOND RING and not Golden ring.
Similarly Nayaki’s songs are all filled with Literary flavor and Bhakti flavor intermingled; but Bhakti is conspicuous like a Diamond in a Golden Ring.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sriman Natanagopala Nayaki Swamigal's 166th Jeyanthi

Gita Natanagopala Nayaki Mandir, Teppakulam West, Madurai is celebrating thr 166th Jeyanthi Celebrations of Sriman Natanagopala Nayaki Swamigal from 6h January 2009 to 12th January 2009.
On 6thJanuary 2009, Karnatic Music Kaccheri was held. Gana Kalpa Taru Sri T.K.Ramarathinam - Vocal Sri Sachidanandam - Violin, Salem Sri K.Srinivasan - Mirudhangam .
Earlier Sri K.K.Surendranath, President of Gita Natanagopala Nayaki Mandi & Correspondent of Sriman Nayakiyar Vidya Mandir Matriculation School, welcomed. Sri K.N.K.Ganesh, B.E.President of KLNSourashtra Engineering Council, K.L.Nagasmi Memorial Sourashtra Polytechnic College Council, Managing Director, Krishna Pubmps P. Ltd. presided over the function in the presence of Sri N.M.R.K.Jawahar Babu B.Tech., Managing Trustee, Sitabai Parvasthavarthani Trust.
Sri S.V.S.Shivnath B.E. inaugurated the festival.
Some of the photos taken on the occasion of 166th Jeyanthi Celebration of Sriman Natanagopala Nayaki Swamigal were uploaded in Picasa Web Album.
Please click below to view the photos.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sourashtra Script


You are Mr. Gopi Santhana Krishnan ! Welcome.
You want to learn writing in Sourashtram ?
Well, each language is written in its own script, which you know.

But grown up people find it difficult to learn Sourashtra Script.
Hence, adults choose their own script to write Sourashtra Language.
A language can be written in any script. It is for the person who writes and the person to whom it is addressed are to decide which script is to be used.

In Madurai, Sourashtra & Tamil scripts are used to write Sourashtram.
While using Tamil scripts, for the consonants, ka, ca, Ta, ta and pa superscript numbers 2,3 and 4 are used to distinguish four sounds of ka, which are not available in Tamil.

Kindly furnish your postal address and I shall send the chart of Sourashtra Alphabets.
In that chart, equivalents of Tamil and roman script are given. So you can easily learn Sourashtra script with the help of that chart.

Once you learn the script, it is not difficult to write Sourashtra Language in that script as you already know the language. Care is to be taken to record the correct spelling as per your pronunciation.

For Example, 'kaam' means /work/; 'gaam' means /town/; 'ghaam' means /blow/.
'khaa' means /eat/.
'tandu' means /rice/, 'thaam' means /place, seat/, 'dado' means /elder brother/
like wise you can write and practice.
If You want to know whether what you have written is correct or not, you can post to me few pages of your writing in Sourashtram, when I shall correct them and return back to you.

My Address:
CELL No. 9894522461. E-mail

Some Sourashtram literature printed in Tamil script are available with Editor,
Bhashabhimani, 99-B, West Masi Street, Madurai-625001. Ph. 0452-2346167.

Devanagari [Hindi} script is not suitable for our language. Some people are trying, trying and go on trying from the year 1920 ! Yet they could not succeed in printing Sourashtra Books using Hindi Script. So we do not encourage writing Sourashtram in devanagari script, for it requires seven additional symbols to record the peculiar sounds available in Sourashtra Language.
If you are interested in Hindi script, you have to approach the supporters of Devanagari Script.
If you want any further clarification, you can send email to me.

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