Sunday, July 4, 2010

World Classical Tamil Conference 2010

I was in Coimbatore on 25th June, 26th June an 27th June 2010 to witness
World Classical Tamil Conference. I visited the Conference site on 25th June and 27th June. I could enter into Mahanaadu Pandal only on 25th June 2010.
On 26th I visited Dhyanalingam at Isha Yoga Centre. Bus facility is not good.
I missed the last bus at about 6.45 p.m. I had to walk and hire an Autoricksha to come to Alandurai to board the Town Bus. So it is advisable to visit Dhyanalingam in morning hours so that you can return to Coimbatore in the evening.
On 27th I visited the Book Exhibition and purchased some books.
The halls in which Scholars read Papers could not be visited for entry is permitted to pass holders only.
The other exhibitions also could not be visited for there were very long queues.

Some of the photos taken are uploaded in my picasawebalbum which you view by visiting the following link.

Sourashtra Class Room