Sunday, August 24, 2008


I am concerned with evolution of common script where all symbols are available for all sounds that occur in all languages.
Then we can select the symbols required to learn a particular language [spoken form only].

Then writing at least 100 [or more] questions and answers thereof pertaining to each situation.
This is mainly useful for tourist visiting many countries where a number of languages are spoken.
Then translation of those sentences from source language to target language printed in common script. Of course, the questions may not be the same in each language. We can modify the question according to the requirement of the target language.
The ultimate aim should be to understand well what the other person utters.

We are not concerned with the difficulty or easiness of a particular script.

Those who want to go through the literature of a particular language, necessarily have to learn the script of that particular language.

Some universal organization should come forward to execute the project.
Linguists of different language are to sit together and evolve the World Common Script.

Persons engaged in evolving UNICODE font for each language should evince interest in this project. Academics should also come forward to coordinate and execute this project. Respective Governments should also finance for the execution of this project.

The ultimate aim is free mobility of the people to all countries and to increase their knowledge about their counter parts living in other countries.

I will be happy if my dream comes true.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sourashtram in Roman Script (1) & (2)

UPAMANYU’S examples for writing Sourashtram in roman script. (1)

‘a’ Vowel short


akaasu=sky [sometimes the final ‘u’ can be deleted]

akSaru=letter, alphabet, script

agastir=lady’s finger vegetable [in Madurai dialect]

ankro=sprout [ankraam khuDi tagatte=nip in the bud]


ajjabo=mother’s father [Madurai dialect]


aTcaste=slap [paaTur aTcaste=slap on the back (as punishment)]

aTTu=dirt, a person who is dirty

aDpi=close friend of a bridegroom or bride accompanying him/her during marriage rituals.



antro=small intestines

apul=ourselves, our [apul bhaaSo=our language]

ayin=mother’s relatives [ayin ghEr=mother’s father’s home][Madurai dialect]

aykaste=to hear, to listen

ayyambo=mother’s mother [Madurai Dialect]

asko=whole [gaamasko=whole town]

Please adhere to the above spelling. People should shed their hesitation and come forward to comment on the meaning and pronunciation variation in their dialects. Those who cannot read, without recourse, have to skip this. [to be continued]

UPAMANYU’S examples for writing Sourashtram in roman script. (2)

Words in which vowel aa=A= i.e. lengthened form of ‘a’ is used.

aakSEpaNo=objection , opposition


aacamano=sipping little water from the palm of the right hand uttering mantras

aanandam=joy, delight, happiness, pleasure, gladness,ecstasy

aalOcano=considerat ion, reflexion, considered opinion

aaso=desire, wish, yearning

aasti=property, asset

aahuti=oblation, sacrifice

iraaNu vEL=odd time, especially midnight

karnaaTakam= State of Karnataka; conservative person

kalaacaar=culture, tradition

kaancano=gold; love; affection

khaambu=pillar, post

gaaN=anus; abusive term

ghaan=bad smell

jaajiphuul=a kind of jasmine flower

taandu lipi=a form of traditional Saurashtra script in which vowel and consonant symbols are distinct

thaam=place, seat



naastiko=atheist [one who do not believe God]


phaar=three hour duration [Tamil yaamam/jaamam]



maayi=mother; young female child; female goddess

raajji poDaste=to fall in love


laani=not bad; not necessary

vaaT=way,road, street

vaat=wick of lamp

vaaL=time, turn[kitko vaaL=how many times]

shaastri=scholar or authority on the scriptures

saaTTuhoraaD= celebrationof one’s 60th birthday

saanti=peace; a female name; pacifying a god, evil spirit etc.


haatukaam=busy [engaged in work]


Please adhere to the above spelling. People should shed their hesitation and come forward to comment on the meaning and pronunciation variation in their dialects.

Friday, August 8, 2008

TMSoundararajan's Felicitation Function at Madurai.

A felicitation function felicitating Sri T.M.Soundararajan was arranged by DMK Party's VIP Sri M.K.Alagiri on 6th August 2008 at Tamukkam Grounds, Madurai around 6 pm.
Chief Minister Dr.M.Karunanidhi gave a gift cheque of Rs. 5 Lakhs.
This is an unique gesture on the part of Sri M.K.Alagiri, son of the Chief Minister. People could not find out the motive behind this. It is doubtful that because of this felicitation to Sri T.M.Soundararajan, people belonging to Sourashtra community will vote for DMK candidates.
Perhaps, if they select Sourashtra candidate for Madurai Constituency, there is a slight possibility of support by Sourashtra Community. It is to be seen whether they select a Sourashtra Candidate for Madurai Constituency in the ensuing General Elections.

Sourashtra Class Room