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பெருமைமிகு சௌராஷ்டிர சமூகம் : ஓர் அறிமுகம்--By K.R.Sethuraman

A Comment on Sourashtra Language  By T.R.Venkatasubramanian, Karaikudi.
(This is just a reproduction of a Letter to the Editor, Indian Express, Madurai Edition dated 23.2.1959 as appeared and as presented by Sri K.R.Sethuraman, BhaSaha Samman

"Though not belonging to the community, I feel that the memorandum submitted by the
representatives of  the  Madurai Sourashtra Community  pleading recognition for the Sourashtra language in the schedule of our constitution, deserves not only the sympathy but also the vigorous support of all South Indians.

The Sourashtra language originally must have been a purer language of Sanskritic origin that what it is now. As necessity dictated it, this language has absorbed a large number of words from South Indian Languages (including Marathi) as the original Sourashtra emigrants spread slowly to the interior of the Southern Region. the Sourashtra language is the product of an interaction between the strong influences of the South Indian languages excepting Malayalam and the strong tendency of this cohesive community trying to retain its individuality by sticking to its traditions and culture. As such, everyone in our country from the Hindi speaking region to the southern most part of India can easily find a lot of words in Sourashtra language intelligible to him. Hence this has a greater right to  be an All India language than Hindi. The Government of India should give all encouragement for special scholarships as they had done for Hindi.
This language can serve as a better bridge between North and "South than Hindi because of its very evolution.
I request the leaders of the Sourashtra Community to take all steps to not only popularise language but to develop a style for their language with refinement and without going in for unfamilar words.

                                                               T.R.Venkatasubramanian, Karaikudi "

பெருமைமிகு சௌராஷ்டிர சமூகம் : ஓர் அறிமுகம்
By K.R.Sethuraman, M.A., MLIS, RHMP.

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