Sunday, November 15, 2009

Prof.CSK meets Prof.Dr.N.Subrahmanian.

Prof.C.S.Krishnamoorthy, Director of Research Academy of Saurashtras of South India, Madurai
met Prof.Dr.N.Subrahmanian, Emeritus Prof. of History and former Vice Chancellor of Shillong University, when the latter visited Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai to deliver an Endowment lecture. [Prof.N.S. is now 95 years ]
Prof.N.S. gave some tips and guidance to Prof.CSK as to how to proceed in finding the origin of Saurashtras of South India. He opined that the place of their origin may be somewhere in
Georgia [formerly of Russia].

Prof.C.S.Krishnamoorthy was accompanied by Sri O.S.Subramanian, Secretary of Sourashtra Vidya Peetam and Corporate (Issuing) Body of 'Vishwa Sourashtram' [Electronic Journal in Sourashtra Language]

The photos taken at that meeting can be viewed by clicking the following link.

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