Friday, January 9, 2009

Sriman Natana Gopala Nayaki Jeyanthi -2nd & 3rd day

On 7th January 2009
First kaccheri by
Dr.V.L.Ganesh M.B.B.S. – Vocal
Sri P.R.Kumar – Vocal
Sri Kubendran – Key Board
Sri B.K.Sudarsan – Mirudhangam
Second kaccheri by
Ms.M.M.Shyamala Valli – vocal
Sri K.R.Kuppuswami – violin
Sri M.Ramesh – Mirudhangam

On 8th January 2009
A Patti Mandapam was held under the presidentship of K.G.Narayanan.
Dr.D.K.Subramanian was the Judge.
The Subject of debate was What is more found in the songs of Sriman
Natana Gopala Nayaki Swamin – Whether Literary flavor or Bhakti flavor [in Tamil Ilakkiya suvai or Bhakti suvai]
On the side of Ilakkiya Suvai
Dr.Chitra Murthy and Dr.J.R.Vijayalakshmi MBBS, M.D. argued
On the side of Bhakthi suvai
Smt. S.P.Geetha Bharathi, M.A.
Smt. Santha Sankari M.A. argued.
The Judge gave the verdict that Bhakti flavor only excelled in Nayaki Songs.
He quoted the term that though a ring is made of Gold, because it is studded with a Diamond, it is called a DIAMOND RING and not Golden ring.
Similarly Nayaki’s songs are all filled with Literary flavor and Bhakti flavor intermingled; but Bhakti is conspicuous like a Diamond in a Golden Ring.

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