Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sourashtra Script


You are Mr. Gopi Santhana Krishnan ! Welcome.
You want to learn writing in Sourashtram ?
Well, each language is written in its own script, which you know.

But grown up people find it difficult to learn Sourashtra Script.
Hence, adults choose their own script to write Sourashtra Language.
A language can be written in any script. It is for the person who writes and the person to whom it is addressed are to decide which script is to be used.

In Madurai, Sourashtra & Tamil scripts are used to write Sourashtram.
While using Tamil scripts, for the consonants, ka, ca, Ta, ta and pa superscript numbers 2,3 and 4 are used to distinguish four sounds of ka, which are not available in Tamil.

Kindly furnish your postal address and I shall send the chart of Sourashtra Alphabets.
In that chart, equivalents of Tamil and roman script are given. So you can easily learn Sourashtra script with the help of that chart.

Once you learn the script, it is not difficult to write Sourashtra Language in that script as you already know the language. Care is to be taken to record the correct spelling as per your pronunciation.

For Example, 'kaam' means /work/; 'gaam' means /town/; 'ghaam' means /blow/.
'khaa' means /eat/.
'tandu' means /rice/, 'thaam' means /place, seat/, 'dado' means /elder brother/
like wise you can write and practice.
If You want to know whether what you have written is correct or not, you can post to me few pages of your writing in Sourashtram, when I shall correct them and return back to you.

My Address:
CELL No. 9894522461. E-mail

Some Sourashtram literature printed in Tamil script are available with Editor,
Bhashabhimani, 99-B, West Masi Street, Madurai-625001. Ph. 0452-2346167.

Devanagari [Hindi} script is not suitable for our language. Some people are trying, trying and go on trying from the year 1920 ! Yet they could not succeed in printing Sourashtra Books using Hindi Script. So we do not encourage writing Sourashtram in devanagari script, for it requires seven additional symbols to record the peculiar sounds available in Sourashtra Language.
If you are interested in Hindi script, you have to approach the supporters of Devanagari Script.
If you want any further clarification, you can send email to me.

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