Sunday, September 7, 2008

All Supporters of Devanagari Script !
From 1920 onwards attempts are made to adopt Devanagari Script for Sourashtra Language.

I presume all those who supported the resolution of adopting Devanagari Script for Sourashtra Language in 1920 and after, had no idea of the fact that 'it is not possible to use Devanagari Script for Sourashtra Language, as it is and that some more symbols are required to implement the resolution'.

The resolution of adoption of Devanagari Script for Sourashtra Language is periodically passed again and again by Sourashtra Madhya Sabha.
Yet Sourashtra Madhya Sabha could not print its notices, reports etc. in Devanagari Script.

Now Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore (CIIL) has devised a chart of PARIVARTHANA DEVANAGARI for the use of Sourashtra Language.

The chart is already posted in the blog.

In this chart two more symbols are missing.

How they are going to write Sourashtra Language without these two symbols?
That we have to see.

It is to be noted that both the Bhasha Samman Awardees Sri Thadya Subramanyam and Sri K.R.Sethuram were participating in the workshop conducted at Bangur Dharmasala,Madurai by CIIL jointly with Sourashtra Madhya Sabha.

In fact Sri K.R.Sethuraman was participating in the workshop for the second time.
Earlier he had attended the first workshop held at CIIL premises in Mysore.

Though Sri K.R.Sethuraman has published his own 'Sethuraman's mumozhi akaradi-Sourashtra-Tamil-English', yet he could not point out the missing two symbols while preparing the Parivarthana Devanagiri Script.

I am least bothered for I prefer to Sourashtra Script.

I am just watching the development of of Sourashtra Language through Devanagari Script [now through PARIVARTHANA DEVANAGARI SCRIPT]

I was told by Sri C.K.Manikandan, P.A. to Director, CIIL that they will invite supporters of Sourashtra Script for a similar workshop conducted by them for Sourashtra Language.

But so far no invitation is extended to us.

Dr.Suba Krishna, CIIL, Mysore participated in the inaugural function of RISHI [Research Institute of Sourashtra Heritage and Immigration]and assured that CIIL will give all assistance for development of Sourashtra Language.

It is said text books are being prepared by CIIL, Mysore.

It is but fair, that before they publish the text books, they should seek suggestion from the supporters of Sourashtra Script.

There are many languages in India which uses more than one script.

Then why our Sourashtra Madhya Sabha is adamant in using ONLY ONE SCRIPT and that Devanagari, which is not usable as it is, but require some seven more additional symbols.

We shall wait and see how far they succeed in implementing the resolution passed in 1920 by the 5th Sourashtra Brahmana Mahanadu.

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wings said...

I second you, sir. Actually Sourashtra should be rendered and rejuvenated in Sourashtra script alone, not Parivarthana Devanagari script. Sourashtra - unlike the dead languages of India such as Sanskrit(except for shalokas), Pali, etc.- is a surviving language though the community lost its touch with the mainstream people of Gujarat. It should be rendered in its own script. But how can we do that?

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