Friday, July 4, 2008

Thoughtful thought

Thoughtful thought

Time is the melody sung by GOD. If time is wasted, we may not get it back. As a year passes, we are old by one more year. Age has only ascendancy and no descent.

‘How many years a person lived?’ is not the relevant question.

‘What one did in his/her each age?’ - That is more important.

Who cared Chatrapathi Shivaji’s age? His heroic deeds became history that inspires us.

Adi Sankarachariyar attained Samadhi at his 32nd age, but he finished so many things.

His work is a milestone for the renaissance of HINDUISM.

It is he who paved the way for India’s National Integration.

If the history is written that in such and such year a person did the heroic act, in that history somewhere your name should find place. People who lead the life of simply eating, sleeping and awaking are nothing but animals. They do not know the purpose of human life.

Those who spend time in useless activities are useless born creatures. What you have to do in a particular year that you should do in the same year failing which you will repent later.

Knowledge is gained after lot of experience, but time comes beforehand with the result we become old when we want to do certain things. Had we listened to our elders and based on their advice acted prudently, we need not repent in our old age.

There is a fixed age limit for entry into Government Service. If you have missed the bus, then you have to work in private shops or do own business only. The phenomenon occurs once in a year only [for instance the appearance of Sabarimala Jothi]. If you miss, then you have to wait for a year. Mahamagam comes once in 12 years! If you do not realize the importance of time, you have to lose.

In our young age, we spend lavishly; eat anything and everything without the awareness of our good health. In old age we reap the reward for not having saved enough money for our retirement. We ignored our diet in our middle age and so we have to spend a lot for our medical expenses in later years.

Time is our friend and time is our enemy. It downpours and it drains away. It makes us laugh and it makes us to shed tears. The success of our action is based on timeliness.

When the offer of a good bride is rejected, a stage will come; that it is enough if one gets any bride. In other words you lose your choice. So you should not postpone things.

Fortune is nothing; it is grasping the available time firmly. If you can analyse your acts you will come to know whether you have acted in time and because of which you became fortunate.

In our community, in the past, because of a number of children in a family, the parent wanted to conduct the marriage of both their son and daughter together. They used to wait for the materialization of the marriage of their daughter taking ample time making the best choice, even beyond their means; but in the case of their son, they took scant time and least consideration for the son with the result the son could not have his choice and his life was miserable. But now that there are two or three children only, the marriages of sons and daughters are not clubbed. But bridegrooms still postpone their marriage till they establish themselves in good jobs and start earning a lot by which time they become old and find it difficult to get a suitable match. Similarly well educated girls go on seeking a well qualified bridegroom for a number of years and finally they could not marry or could get less educated groom.

Unco sangiriyo aski mundaDiis oLDyaan sangeyOs. Phivri phivri ami sangi havTan kerno poDarEsi.

avre kalaachaar kaayo menatte avre nhannohoDaan kaLaLLaraani. avre bhaasho vruddhi kerno meni havTaryaani. Avre tenko seraaDi avre bhaashaam vatto kerattak pastokkaryaasi (hesitate).

VidEshum [foreign country] sEttenu English bhaashaamuus aski kertuvaayi meni havTaryaasi.

Avre bhaasho havTan javaLLiDiyeti, Indiyaaku avatte meLLi havTan javaLLuDuvaayi.

If you do not speak Sourashtram properly, you shall be treated as haddu paLkaar.

Our girls are becoming haddu paLkaars by marrying non-sourashtras. Our boys are marrying non-sourashtras to make their sons and daughters as haddu paLkars. A day is going to come, when an Association will have to be formed for haddu palkars to search for bride and bridegrooms when their offspring have no courage to go in for love marriage selecting their partner of their own choice, which their parents did.

Parents are neglecting the care of their children and so they are punished by their children especially with regard to their marriage. For lack of proper counselling, our girls are becoming the victims and bring bad name not only to their parents but also to their relatives and to our Community. It is surprising how an educated girl is brainwashed by a worthless fellow or by a person of inferior origin.

Our community should have more journals and newspapers so that the untoward incidents are brought to the knowledge of our youth. The consequences and failure of such inter-caste marriages are to be reported in journals so that our younger generation may exercise ‘vivekam’ instead of acting with ‘vegam’. Then they can take right decision with their prudence.

Kaas dii patrike khaDi chevdattak roDaryaas. Tappu taNDa chale pharaatu ‘teno kaay kereyo, eno kaay kereyo’ ‘pillal vaaT toppi jEDaryaasnaa’ meni polambaryaasi. kOT tET dhairiyamkan sommar avattak musarani [They select the last bench!]

More Political activity and much publicity are required for our community at this juncture.


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