Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The other names of Ramanuja

In his childhood he is known as 'ILAYA ALWAAR'[because he resembled Lakshmanan, brother of Raman]
At Madurantakan Periya Nambi accepted Ilaya Alwar as his disciple and gave the name 'RAMANUJA' .
When Thirukacci Nambikal saw Ramanuja in the dress of a Sanyasi,he called Ramanuja as YATIRAJA. [King of Sanyasis]
When Ramanuja went to a temple in Kanchi, as a Sanyasi, the Priest called Ramanuja as RAMANUJA MUNI.
When Ramanuja sung the Thiruppaavai songs while he went for begging,{biDchai] he was termed by the people of Srirangam as THIRUPPAVAI JEEYAR.
When he went to Srivilliputhur Temple, he was called 'NAMKOVIL ANNANAAR'
When he assumed the Adeenam of Alavandar and went to SriRangam to worship Sri Ranganatha, in front of Sri Ranganatha, devotees honoured him with the title UDAYAVAR i.e. he has the qualification to teach God's grace [takudi uDayavar]
He sat at the feet of five acharyas, and hence he is termed as'PANCHACHARYA SIIDAR'
He submitted to Tirupati Venkatesa, Sangu and Chakram and so he is knowns as APPANUKKU SANGU AAZHI ALITTA PERUMAAN.
Vaishnavas will address Perumal as 'EMPERUMAN' Because, Vaishnavas saw Ramanujar in the form of Perumal, he is quoted as EMPERUMANAR.
As per the wish of Alavandar, Ramanuja wrote the Commentary [Bhashyam}to Brahmasutra in accordance with Thiruvaymozhi, and so he became famous by the name BHASHYAKARAR.

elyo aski moko ikkedi lentu kaLaanaattak hoteyo. atto oNTe patrike chevde pharaatu kaLaan avesi.tunko kaLai rhaana jiyeti, tumi meLLi kaLaLLuvo.

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