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Profile of Sri V.K.Neelarao.

ꢮꣀ.ꢒꢸ.ꢥꢷꢭꢵꢬꢮ꣄ - V.K. Neelarao.

Neelarao, V.K. (Vaidyam Kuppusam), born in 1946 staged his first drama entitled HoraaD vano in the year 1969. Later he wrote other dramas Hedde jomai, Sopno, Novvo Jivnam, Srimatik Horad, Sri Nayaki Devun, ChokkaT Dinnu, Divo Horad, Novro KOn, etc., and staged them.

He has released the following CDs/DVDs:

1. Nayaki Swamigalin Sevaiyaalarkal. – 2 CDs
2. Sriman Natanagagopala Nayaki’s 12 Sourashtra Songs.
3.Sriman Natanagopala Nayaki’s 12 Sourashtra songs.
4.Sriman Natanagopala Nayaki’s 6 Tamil songs.
5.Srimad Venkataramana Bhagavathar’s 10 kritis in Telugu and Sourashtram.
6. Sriman Kavi Venkatasuri’s 7 Sourashtra Sangita Ramayana Songs.
7. Neelarao hits.[from his Drama]
8. Horaadu piso [from his Drama]
9. V.K.Neela Rao’ Drama songs.

Neelarao is a multifaceted personality, edited and published a Sourashtra and Tamil monthly magazine entitled SURITH (1979-99) continuously and published many Sourashtra stories and poems written by many Sourashtras.

He has authored 2 books entitled, Amre Bhaasham Amurtu Giitun and Novvo Jivnam.

He is a Karnatic Music singer and performed many kacheries. His songs were broadcast in All India Radio and his kaccheri was telecast in Pothigai channel of T.V.

Some of the Titles conferred upon Shri V.K. Neelarao:

1.‘Mathru Bhasha Nataka Vruddhi Karta’ in 1970 in Annual Celebrations of ‘V.K.Neela Rao’s

2.‘Sourashtra Nataka Ratna’ in 1988 by Mumbai Sourashtra Sangam.

3.‘Navarasa Kala Praveena’ in 1988 by the Felicitation Committee, in a function held in
Solai Murugan Hall, Madurai.

He has learnt Karnatic music from Sri Kalaimamani Kuppanna. He has also received guidance
in rendering Karnatic songs from Padmashrii T.M. Soundararajan and he is having close contact with him.

Apart from this, some of the Sourashtra lyrics written by him have been sung by Padmashrii. Siirkaazhi Govindarajan and his son, Padmashrii. Siirkaazhi. G. Sivachidambaram.

As a profound Actor, Musician, Director, Lyrics writer, music composer, and Editor of a Journal [ SURITH] his profile is very difficult to cover in few pages.

His mastery over Sourashtra language, literature and songs, has brought to limelight two lady singers Selvi G.Priyadarshini and Smt. S.Vasantha from non-native sourashtram speakers (i.e., Tamil speaking people) who can now sing Sourashtra songs just like native speakers.
Presently, he is engaged in producing a Sourashtra Tele film [Movie] titled SINGATHIN.
For this he requires funds. Those who are interested in promoting Sourashtra fine arts and culture
Can come forward to donate liberally to his venture of producing Sourashtra Tele films.
All the publications (CDs, books) are available with Shri. V.K. Neelarao and could be received by contacting him through his mobile: +917373736301, +9198942 82945
His E-mail ID

Donation cheques can be drawn in favour of V.K.Neelarao and sent to the following address:
Those who wish to donate in cash can contact him through the above phone numbers when he shall call on them to receive the cash in person.
Sri V.K.Neela Rao, K.G.Agencies, 37/41, Mahal 6th Street, Madurai-625001.

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