Thursday, February 11, 2010

International Mother Language Day-21st February.

Unesco's General Conference has proclaimed 21st February as the International Mother Language Day every year since February 2000 to promote Linguistic and Cultural Diversity and Multilingualism. Languages are the most powerful instrument for preserving and developing our heritage. The celebration of the day promotes the dissemination of mother tongues and serves to spread awareness of linguistic and cultural traditions and inspire solidarity based on understanding, tolerance and dialogue.

So on this occasion, a one-day Conference was held on 21st February 2010 at Scope Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110011.

The program was changed and only Minority Minister Sri Salman Khurshid addressed the Conference.

Representatives of Linguistic Minorities participated in the in the Conference.

On behalf of Sourashtra Vidya Peetam, Madurai, its Secretary Sri O.S.Subramanian attended the Conference.

The photos taken are uploaded in the following link.

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