Friday, August 7, 2009

The nomenclature of Sourashtra.

Sourashtra is the popular spelling used by Sourashtras of Tamil Nadu especially of Madurai. Example: Sourashtra Sabha, Sourashtra College etc.
As per linguists, the spelling is sauraaShTraa.
It can be written as Saurashtra also.
But of late a group of people would like to call themselves as Sourashtree.
A group of people has formed a Trust called Sourashtri Prachar Sabha Trust, Dindigul.
They want to use Parivarthit Devanagari Script evolved by Central Instituteof Indian Languages, Mysore.
But the Trust says that this Parivathit Devanagari Script is to be called as
Sourashtree lipi. It is not correct.
Sourashtra and Sourashtri refers to one and the same language.
Only those people who want to adopt Hindi script for Sourashtra Language wants to call their language as Sourashtri; others call their language as Sourashtra only.
The language is also called as Sourashtram besides Sourashtra Language.
It has got its own script and is in vogue from the year 1880.
Pandit Lakshmanacharya and Medhavi T.M.Rama Rai were instrumental for development of Sourashtra Language. Medhavi T.M.Rama Rai wrote a number of books.
Sourashtra Primer, First Book, Second Book, First catechism of Sourashtra Grammar,
Sourashtra Nandhi Nighantu, Chaturbasha vallari, Laghu Sankya Vallari, Sourashtra Vachana Ramayanam, Sourashtra Niti Sambu etc.
All are printed in Sourashtra Script only.

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