Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Introduction to Sourashtra Class Room

The Sourashtra Class Room has been started.
In this Sourashtra language will be taught in its OWN SCRIPT.
This Script is in use for a very long time. The first printed book available in this Script is SouraShtranaadi which was printed in 1880.
Sourashtra Class 1 deals with Sourashtra vowels. How they are written is explained.
Sourashtra Class 2 deals with Sourashtra Consonants. How they are written is explained.
The Script is very easy to write. All letters are written from left to right only.
The vowel markers are placed just right to the consonant uniformly to all consonants without any confusion. [The only exception is ‘haddu yakaram’ which is written first and afterwards consonant and vowel marker ‘aa’ is written.
The sounds are pronounced as they are written. In other words, the written symbols tally with their respective sound. There is no necessity to observe the native speaker.
In English you have to observe the native speaker for correct pronunciation and emulate. Here in Sourashtram there is no such observation required.
Modern Sourashtra is the off shoot of Sauraseni Prakritam.

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